Password reset for Teds_2

In-game name: Teds_2
Date of your last time in-game: Not sure / 2 months ago?

Hello @Teds,

It seems that you have never changed the password that was given to you when you changed accounts. I will send you a new one. Once you get in the login room please type /login . I will remind you this in PM. Please do not hesitate to reach for us if you are facing any issue!

I have sent you all information in Private Message here on forums!

Hi there! The reason why I wanted to change my password is because I got locked out when I was getting a name change for my account. I got confused on the instructions. So that’s why I kinda needed a password change. I couldn’t see any formats for a locked account so I thought that this would be the next best thing!

You are unlocked!