Not too sure who banned me - account sharing - JJWNewton003

In-game name: JJWNewton003
Discord ID: JJWNewton003#3534
Ban Reason: account sharing
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading: my faction was about to be in time up and i had left my computer at school by accident and where i live went into a week long lockdown so i was unable to get my computer so i asked a friend to log in for me and there is no need to lie about it because its true
Apology: im very sorry it was a one time thing that shouldnt have been done it wont ever happen again

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i now know i was banned by Tqti_

id like to bump

Hello @JJWNewton003
My apologies for the delay, but I hope in the meantime you did read the rules carefully and won’t repeat the same mistake in the future.

Without saying more into this,
Unbanned and Closed.