No item found at the place I died

Player name: HappyCod
Coordiantes: Faction world — -6760 39 -7475
Details of the request: I was afking a little while to look at the sound source outside, and when I came back I died (probably killed by the named witch). When I was back (using the command /back), I did not see any item on the ground where I stood, or died.
The logs provides me the following details, that proves that the time does not exceed 3 minutes. (Time are in GMT+8, the date is 5th April 2021)
[01:40:07] [Render thread/INFO]: [CHAT] Use the /back command to return to your death point.
[01:40:07] [Render thread/INFO]: [CHAT] You didn’t lose any power since the territory you died in works that way.
[01:40:25] [Render thread/INFO]: [CHAT] [G?D]|[Dharak] some peps say “negative energy” from thoughts, but it’s not logical, we aren’t living in anime so our energy would be any important in universe
[01:41:13] [Render thread/INFO]: [CHAT] Returning to previous location.

I would like to have the lost items back. Thanks for your time to help.

You were not killed by the named witch, but by a creeper, so it seems more likely than not that the items were blown up. If you want, I can give you the list of items that dropped when you died, but else, as it seems that they were lost due to natural causes (no proof otherwise), they can’t be restored, as /back isn’t a guarantee of getting items back. Reply when you have seen this, and I’ll close this thread.

[19:40:07 INFO]: [LoggerPlus] HappyCod died at -6759 40 -7475 in faction: HappyCod was blown up by Creeper

The command doesn’t guarantee we get items back after dying, but it brings us to where we died. In this case, I was back to the place before the time which item is set to disappear.
The natural causes that I can imagine is another creeper blew my items after my death. If in this case, as the items are gone, my experience orbs should be gone too, but I collected them after using /back command. As there is no lava nearby, or cactus either, I can’t really see any other natural factor that could cause them disappear.
If we are able to exclude that the items were not lost due any natural cause, in my opinion, they should be restored since they should have been collected after returning to the death position.

We only restore items if it is proven that the server is responsible, in this case, there is no proof that I could find that the server somehow removed your items artificially after your death (especially as this has happened to no one else so far), while there are any number of scenarios that could have happened causing item loss, as chunks are still loaded after death before clicking on the Respawn button.

Well… without anyone knows what happened before the Resapwn button was pressed, I guess I have to accept my bad luck.
I would like to have the list of items which are lost then, with the items in shulker box(es) too. Thanks.

  • Type: IRON_PICKAXE Amount: 1 Durability: 94
  • Type: WRITABLE_BOOK Amount: 1
  • Type: SLIME_BALL Name: Animal Trap with PANDA Lore: [Contains PANDA,Baby: No,Main Gene: LAZY,Hidden Gene: LAZY,Right-click to release.]
  • Type: SPRUCE_TRAPDOOR Amount: 7
  • Type: SLIME_BALL Name: Animal Trap with OCELOT Lore: [Contains OCELOT,Baby: Yes,Trusting: No,Right-click to release.]
  • Type: BLACK_SHULKER_BOX Name: Yiqe Leader’s 公務箱 Content: [ {Type: PRISMARINE_SHARD Amount: 9},{Type: SUGAR_CANE Amount: 64},{Type: ACACIA_FENCE Amount: 1},{Type: WRITTEN_BOOK Amount: 1},{Type: WHEAT_SEEDS Amount: 5},{Type: PUFFERFISH Name: Pufferfish Amount: 53},{Type: FLINT_AND_STEEL Amount: 1 Durability: 16},{Type: SALMON Name: The Knowledge Salmon Enchantments: [minecraft:unbreaking:1] Amount: 17},{Type: BOW Enchantments: [minecraft:power:3] Amount: 1 Durability: 294},{Type: BOW Enchantments: [minecraft:power:3,minecraft:punch:1] Amount: 1 Durability: 361},{Type: FISHING_ROD Enchantments: [minecraft:luck_of_the_sea:2] Amount: 1 Durability: 53},{Type: IRON_BLOCK Amount: 16},{Type: COOKED_COD Amount: 24},{Type: POPPY Amount: 46},{Type: BOW Enchantments: [minecraft:power:4,minecraft:punch:1] Amount: 1 Durability: 372},{Type: TRIPWIRE_HOOK Amount: 3},{Type: BOW Enchantments: [minecraft:power:3] Amount: 1 Durability: 360},{Type: TARGET Amount: 1},{Type: SUGAR_CANE Amount: 64},{Type: CHAINMAIL_BOOTS Amount: 1 Durability: 188},{Type: BONE_MEAL Amount: 14},{Type: FISHING_ROD Enchantments: [minecraft:luck_of_the_sea:2,minecraft:mending:1,minecraft:unbreaking:3] Amount: 1 Durability: 1},{Type: SADDLE Amount: 1} ]
  • Type: END_ROD Amount: 3
  • Type: SUGAR_CANE Amount: 61
  • Type: WATER_BUCKET Amount: 1
  • Type: BLAZE_ROD Amount: 3
  • Type: BONE_MEAL Amount: 53
  • Type: BEETROOT Amount: 2
  • Type: STONE_SHOVEL Amount: 1 Durability: 62
  • Type: MAGMA_CREAM Amount: 2
  • Type: VINE Amount: 1
  • Type: OAK_SLAB Amount: 3
  • Type: WRITTEN_BOOK Amount: 1
  • Type: JUNGLE_PLANKS Amount: 12
  • Type: SNOWBALL Amount: 6
  • Type: BIRCH_SAPLING Amount: 1
  • Type: GHAST_TEAR Amount: 1
  • Type: BAMBOO Amount: 9
  • Type: DIRT Amount: 3
  • Type: CHEST Amount: 31
  • Type: WRITABLE_BOOK Amount: 1
  • Type: OAK_SIGN Amount: 11
  • Type: BLACK_WOOL Amount: 1
  • Type: NETHER_QUARTZ_ORE Amount: 47
  • Type: TRIDENT Enchantments: [minecraft:channeling:1,minecraft:impaling:4,minecraft:loyalty:3,minecraft:unbreaking:3] Amount: 1 Durability: 5
  • Type: IRON_AXE Amount: 1 Durability: 64
  • Type: WHITE_WOOL Amount: 1
  • Type: WHEAT Amount: 2
  • Type: ROTTEN_FLESH Amount: 4
  • Type: SCAFFOLDING Amount: 3
  • Type: SEA_PICKLE Amount: 5
  • Type: FLINT_AND_STEEL Amount: 1 Durability: 3
  • Type: BOW Enchantments: [minecraft:power:2] Amount: 1 Durability: 347