NO CANCELLATION: Auction of 1 Heart of the Se

Items: 1 piece of HotS
Starting price: 250 k
Minimum bid requirement: 10k
Buyout price: 1 mil
Duration time: 1 month (Until 15 April 2022 16.00 GMT+7)

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10k (and some randoms words to fill the 10 characters)

Starting price: 250 k

Kieks you missed the starting price (this is not a bid)

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Hmm misread that part @32294

Shouldn’t say requirement, but increment.

Anyway 250k then

Happens, and yeah it should

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Sorry, english not my main language, will do correct for future auctions :pray:

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Wasn’t your fault, the read before posting says requirement.

No longer does, fixed as soon as I noticed

Last bump before closing

Mr_Kieks win the bid.

Please contact me as soon as possible.