NO CANCELLATION: Auction of 1 Heart of the Se

Items: 1 piece of HotS
Starting price: 100 k
Minimum bid requirement: 10k
Buyout price: 1 mil
Duration time: 1 month

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character limit

one one zero k

one two zero k

Idk why im bidding but one three zero k

Bump of the day. LAST PRICE 130 K

131k and some other random characters to not get caught in the character limit

Minimum bid is 10k btw

17 zeroooooo

Bump of the week: Last price 170 k


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

210k and some character limits


Why there is a character limit?

two three one key

Bump of the week: last price 230k

Two fourteeee


Hi Iā€™m random text

Auction CLOSED. Numbs won. I will put the HotS in /chest tonight.

Thank you for all participants of this auction.

Avalon will regularly host NO CANCELLATION auction. We wait for your next participation :grin:

Update: someone said putting expensive item in /chest is dangerous so I put in locketted chest in /warp Avalon instead/