NixxoNskin (skin contest)

Hey, welcome to NixxoNskin!

I’ve been needing a skin for quite a while now, but i am no artist, but i remembered old times at TE we used to do those skin contests. so i got on mythic forums and i saw people also doing that here so hey time to get a new skin

Whats in my mind:

I don’t really know to begin with, i currently have a “fox carried by a duck” skin so maybe a fox skin but with unique looks and clothes? But I don’t really know about that, so any other themes could work, the skin must be male gendered (if needed)

End date:
april 15

april 16

and finally winners announcement:
april 17

It will be extended by a day everytime someone submits a skin before a day from end date


-1st : a mending book
-2nd: 69k

I might set a prize for third place later

The rules are simple, no the skin must be your own art, not random googled one. and entries are unlimited, go crazy.

Good luck.

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Here’s my Entry:

Skin Entry (Japanese Uniformed Male Fox)


In case of winning, skin has been saved already and this is just the preview.

End Date also should be fixed, to be fair for those who did it on time. There should also be a judging date and announcement date.

Question: Can we do multiple entries?

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okay, will do. sorry about that its been a long time since i made a contest.

to answer your question, yes you can. i was going to mention that but i completely forgot, thanks for reminding me!

Since i didn’t like the rewards much, here is some new rewards

First place:

Screenshot from 2023-04-06 13-00-06

Here’s something special for first place, if the skin amazed me (and maybe some 3 other special people) they will get a god diamond mending fortune pick as extra reward for their hard work

Second place:

Third place:

of course old rewards are gone.

This is my submission, i don’t have much experience in skin making so i took lots of inspiration from other fox skin, i can always edit bit u don’t like so feel free to critic

With outter layer


Without outter


This was foxking fun, ty for the contest and have a nice day

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i don’t really know what i need to say to be honest, its not bad i guess but due to amount of times ibu called me a furry for that, i am removing the fox theme although yours is a wanzi so its okay

However, about the skin, maybe remove the smile, or change the face, and maybe needs a bit of adjusting with the colors

Thanks for participating!

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Removed the smil and made eyes bigger, lazy to change color tho :v

you cant be lazy if you want to reach first place or even the third lol, also i didn’t mean to change the color, i meant shading and making it better (instead of using auto tune)

Here’s a skin i made in case none of the skins met my expectations


I would accept an entry if someone made this better (but from scratch)

okay this is dead, i didn’t manage the contest properly, with all the theme change and a dumb move by me to reply with a skin saying that i made it in case no one made a good one.

I guess i will close this contest, however since non of the skins met my expectations i cant give the rewards, as an apologize for both submissions i will give each contestant 25k (sorry i know its not much but i am poor)

Thanks all for participating!

Na u dont have to give me money, I was into making skin recently and just wanna try out

its okay, its not much anyways

sorry for not sending the money yet, i kinda forgot about the contest. i will send the money as soon as i can get online

Can u do me a favour instead of sending me money tho?
I need to kidnap ur cousin nixxies

oh too late i already sent the money but sure kidnapping sounds fun /s
i will help