New Minecraft Account

Hello, I just bought minecraft premium but I tried to enter the server but I couldn’t, ¿can you change my name or change my account for the new minecraft account?

If you already have an account on the server you will have to make a name change reqeust.

Information on how to make one can be found here: **READ BEFORE POSTING** How to request account, lockette removal or WorldEdit

I mean, I have to make a request to change the name but the name must be the same name that I have in the Minecraft Premium account?

If you want your ingame name to match your premium account name then yes.

Then im go to change my name

Make a new topic with the proper request format at the previously sent link then and i’ll do it later. Also make sure to remove any lockettes you have before making the request.

Ok but in what category?

Player requests

Ok but i don’t know what is lockettes

Chest locks

What I don’t understand

Lockettes are the signs you can place on chests that say [Private] on them to prevent others from opening your chests.

Ohh yes i have lockettes