Network Request


I would like to ask about networking in connection to MythicMC.

As far as I know VPNs are not allowed here and what I have to deal with might involve a network change deployment that might involve VPN in nature.

Our infrastructure is connected to Cloudflare as it’s setup that way. However we have been experiencing ping fluctuations (500ms - 30k ms) and intermit packet losses rendering the game unplayable. I have reached out to Cloudflare and relevant parties, basically we’re impacted by this Cogent undersea cable failure between Asia and overseas and there is no ETA on a fix, unfortunately.

I’ve explored different solutions and basically there’s one where I can selectively route traffic through Japan which should in theory mitigate the issue as traffic does not have to go through the rerouted area, but that’s basically what a VPN in nature so I thought it’s better for me to ask before deploying a change.

Without knowledge on whether I have control on maintaining the IP address (actually it’s not very likely that I could), what options do we have here or whether this could be solved?

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

For now you may use a VPN if needed until the issue is fixed. However, staff will be paying close attention, so do not attempt to use it evade the rules.

Hi Admin,

Thank you for helping. :+1:

Bomberland might be affected by this as well as we share the same network, I can only play occasionally because of work, usually Bomberland plays a lot more than I do.

I’ll keep a close eye on the updates regarding their fix / alternative network choices and try to find a permanent solution on this.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Bomberland can do that same if he needs to until the router/cable is fixed, but make sure they understand that they are not to abuse it to attempt to evade rules.

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Hi Admin,

Thanks and sure no problem :+1: