Need to add my lil brother

hey my lil brother wanna join can staff allow him ?
My name is Xx_pc_VyTung_xX and my lil bro is Xx_Eyo_xX
hope add soon for playing with my bro :slight_smile: and ur server is great !

Your brother will need to make a forums account and reply here before and account can be made for him

ok. done made forums account for him he’s account is Xx_Eyo_xX

hmm… is so weird… my brother account can’t reply… ??

Hi !

When i can play ? I want to play with bro :slight_smile:

He made a post too fast after making a forums account so it was automatically flagged as spam.

Anyways, I have made proper notes and created an account.
Temporary password for the account has been privately messaged.