Name change

In-game name: furiry
New name: xuriver
Reason (explain in detail): For security reasons i wanted to change the email id of “furiry” but i forgot its password and there was no recovery email or phone number linked to the email id. So i bought a new minecraft account and its name is “xuriver”.

Hmm, I find it unlikely that you would now do this over 260 days from your last login, especially when your IP range matches a banned player.

Your going to have to prove you are who you are by logging into your old account again. This is not a premium server, so you do not need to login into your premium account. Just use titan launcher to login as a cracked user.

This is also pending your appeal.

ok there is no need for that now. I recovered my account.

so i am trying to log in as “furiry” and its giving me error =wraith403

I see that Lexply already took care of that with you… Looks like you got caught in someone else’s range ban anyways.

You both logged in and messaged on discord from an account verified in the discord server, so that’s enough to prove who you are.

Your stuff has been moved, you can log into your new name with your old password. As for discord… I have kicked your old account and you can rejoin with your new account as requested. Just complete the verification on your new name.