Name change request

In-game name: ShinyCroissant
New name: Elspen
Reason (explain in detail): Planning on building a shop. I’d rather not have to type out “ShinyCroissant” every time I want to sell something.

When you make a shop sign you don’t have to type your name, You can leave the line blank and it will autofill your name if you complete the rest of the sign. Knowing this do you still wanna have a name change?

Yes I would still like a name change

Thanks :slight_smile:

This is a really bad reason on why you want to change your name. However, I’ll allow it since you haven’t changed your name recently.

Your login credentials will stay the same. You will need to login with your new Elspen account, so that I may transfer faction ownership to it. If there is anything that I missed, do not hesitate to ask me.