Name change request

In-game name: SovietBuilder (Old account non premium)
New name: Soviet_Builder
Reason (explain in detail):

I have read the rules and I understand there’s a rule that only one account is allowed per person, when I had gotten premium I forgot that my premium account was spelled differently than my old cracked account and so technically I made a new account on the server when I first logged in with it a few years ago which was separate from my old cracked account. (I have not logged into my old cracked account ever since I made my premium account, you can verify with /seen).

To fix this and delete my old cracked account I am asking for everything (player inv, echests, etc.) from my old cracked account (SovietBuilder) to be transferred over to this account (Soviet_Builder). I am fine if everything I have on this current account is removed, if I could keep my stuff that would be great, although I would like to keep my faction from the current premium account please.

Thanks for the help.

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Seems that your previous account is so old that it no longer has any playerdata (so there is nothing for me to transfer now).

I did all of the other required things manually, but it’s important to note, that in future you should wait for staff to change your name instead of creating an account with the new name. It makes the process much easier.

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