Name Change Request

Old Name: CopiiAxololt0

New Name: CopiiAxolotl
Reason: I left the launcher a while ago, I came back because I was using TLauncher, but I didn’t like it, I was looking for another launcher and I remembered this one, sorry if the message is not very right

You don’t have to change your name if you change launcher. You can just change your name in the launcher itself unless you moved to the premium launcher.

If your confused how to change it in the launcher, please specify which launcher your using.

It’s just that my Mine Premium license expired, I had to switch to TLauncher, and I don’t know if I can change my name

Huh, if you bought the game it never expires, unless you bought it in some shady way or are referring to something.

And yes, you can just change your name in TLauncher, tho i haven’t used it in a long time now so i don’t know where the option is (and i haven’t used it becauseit’s apparently malware according to some people on youtube now, so tbh i wouldn’t trust it, just use titan instead.).

Wait wait, so I don’t need to change my name in the Titan, I just put my name that I want and that’s it or not? (Sorry about the post that I deleted and the thing about Mine Premium is that I bought Pc Game Pass for 1 month)

Having game pass or not changes nothing

Just go to titan, click switch user in the bottom right and put in what your premium name was before

And youll still be able to login with same username

You mean they’re not going to change my name?

I mean i can change it, i was just trying to point out that you could keep your current name if you wanted and just change to launcher to use it instead rather than changing whole account name given the circumstances.

Are you saying that they are going to create another account for me or just change my name?

Sorry for not replying, I was a bit busy.

I can and will if you want, i was just trying to point out it wasn’t required just bc you ran out of gamepass since a cracked launcher can use any name.

So can you change my name now?