Name Change Request

In-game name: Iyumie
New name: Lonsyrist
Reason (explain in detail): I decided to change it on official minecraft and been thinking about it lately to go back on my previous ign because of boredom and being unsatisfied. I would be glad if this will get accepted. If so, please do transfer my /ec, /chest, money, titles, and rank; also I have at least two hours of fly time in my previous ign and it would be nice to indicate that on the transfer also. Thank you so much for the time!

It’s much more complicated to do a name change back to an old account.

If you wish to proceed you will have store your /ec, /chest, and inventory yourself.

Also please list whatever titles you have.

Oh, I didn’t know that it is more complicated to do it rather than creating new one.

Anyway, sure I can do that.

Also, the titles I got are VIP, DONOR, and Lady

Just to note, I also have a VIP rank on my previous IGN, hope you moved that as well. Tysm.

so what now?

Well, last i checked (was a bit now) you still had stuff in your /chest and /ec

Waiting on you to tell me when empty.

Now, I moved my /chest and /ec as well as the inventory in a separate chests. You can now do the rest of the work including the unbanning of the requested name. Thank you.

I moved everything manually, everything should be moved but due to it having to be moved manually something could have been missed. If something was missed please tell me.

You’ll need to login with whatever password was originally on the account before your first name change, if you do not remember it, please tell me and i can reset it.