Name Change Request

In-game name: evanstheprogamer
New name: sfentonas
Reason: I would like to have my name changed to my OLD account that is registered on this server as “sfentonas”. The reason is because of the Microsoft account migration due to not having my old email password. If there is any issue let me know in detail.

I’ve changed you name, although when changing a players name to an already registered account it has to be done manually and that can cause errors.

If there are any errors please tell me.

Everything is pretty fine with only two errors which are the following. My echest is empty and chest locks in factions are not moved to this account.

The locks you should have removed beforehand, anyways please list the cords of them here.

Enderchest is moved now to.

Hello again, fortunately my chest locks will expire tomorrow so i will do it myself. Only thing left for you is to just change my nickname on the discord server. Thanks for helping me out!

Forgot to mention for that you just have to leave the discord server and rejoin so it’ll re-tie your discord account to your new name.

I would just change the nick but i never got a confirmation if that would break anything if you tried to buy smth from the store later as far as being autogiven roles in discord. Would depend how the data is stored. Just incase just leave and rejoin.