Name change request didn't work

old name: metalgreg
new name: reaper420

ok um I cant get back into my account…

Since you were on 10 hours ago, i’m going to assume you managed to get back in.

I have changed your name, you can now login to repear420 with the password you were using before. Your stuff should be moved.

logged in, none of my stuff was there, had a different skin, and it said I had already been logged in. So yeah that didn’t work.

If there’s a way to just easily revert the name change and get my stuff back I’d be fine with that.

also, y lock the thread?

I locked the thread because the request was complete, and i checked, your stuff was moved.

Are you sure you logged in with the correct name?
If your using the correct name, then yes it will say you’ve already registered and tell you to login. Which as I mentioned in my last post, you log in with the same password as from before the name change.


If you read the floating yellow text in front of the area, it tells you what to do

Walk forward and jump down into the end portals and you’ll be teleported out of login