Name Change - Moshiboo -> Moshii

In-game name: Moshiboo (I think)
New name: Moshii
Reason (explain in detail): Hey, I used to be a pretty frequent player on Team Extreme & played on Mythic occaisionally. Back in November, I changed my premium account’s name from the original & I don’t have any intentions to change it back. I don’t use cracked launchers anymore & would rather not start to use them again so i’d like to have my name on Mythic changed so that I can start playing again.

Hello Moshii,
Your account has been registered. I have sent you the password by message on forums, if you face any issue please don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Please transfer as soon as possible:

  • Inventories (Faction & Survival)
  • Ender chest (Faction & Survival)
  • Alpha chest (/chest)
  • Balance
  • Faction position (you may request staff help)
  • Creative plot (you will need staff help for this, please provide written coords)

If you have any else to transfer that you cannot transfer yourself, please let us know.

Once everything is transferred, let me know so I can close this topic.

Have a great day,

Everything above was transferred, closing.