Name Change Kenneth

In-game name: Kenneth
New name: KielleAzomas11
Reason (explain in detail): I just bought minecraft (Hoped I bought it a little earlier since it was cheaper ugh…)

well yeah… I bought minecraft and now want to request a name change
I already chopped down the signs/lockettes of all chest i own (as far as i know)
although there are 2 exceptions:
-3504 220 5980 and -3528 320 5890 are shops that i own and I can’t chop it down

also hope that my fishing level and friends gets transferred as well uwu

the titles i currently own is the “Donor” title

oh right, don’t forget to transfer the Coins XD i had that problem before

Fishing plugin has been removed, friends list is not transferable

and as for coins, it should move with the rest of the cos irc, but if it’s an issue I can give them later, you’ll just have to tell me.

I removed the shops, though i’m not sure if you want to put them back so i’m leaving them where they are now. Talk to ironic and if he doesn’t get back within a reasonable time tell me and we can do something about them.

Everything else should be moved.

the coins weren’t moved…


I also forgot one lockette XD

7462 21 -2197

I contacted Ironix, he said he ain’t gonna be online anytime soon thus can’t replace the shop signs >.<

update: -3504 220 5980 is now fixed

btw, is requesting the name change (and title transfer) for discord separate?
as well as the name change in the forums

How many coins did you have then…

Did discord name change earlier

just 50 (yeah its not much XD)

Coins given.

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