Name Change - Jessmine

In game name: BTS_NAMJOON
New name: Jessmine_Namjoon

Reason (explain in details): Good evening admin! its me again, I’d like to request a name change for one last time? My new friends recommended me to change my name to know who I am.
I know this is the second time that I request a name change but can I have it for one last time? and also, please change the lockettes of my stuffs. And my shop at /warp bshop, first floor.

Thank you so much admin/staff. Sorry for the disturbance.

According to our guidelines, you are only allowed to request for a name change every 3 months.

Your previous name change request was on June 15th, and the 3 month period has not passed by yet. You may ask again on September 15th.

I’ll leave the topic open for when the time comes by.

Its been 6 months without response, if you still want a name change please open a new topic