Name Change into LightofHeaven

In-game name: JoshZFMS
New name: LightofHeaven
Reason (explain in detail):
I don’t like this name anymore since it is being joined in T.E before, i wanted to start a new things with this new IGN and this one also is my first username that i used when i play minecraft before so it is memorable to me that is why i wanted to use it as my permanent IGN in this server and thank you :slight_smile: .

PS: Light is already register my bad i didn’t check, i already change it into LightofHeaven thank you again and also i hope my forum name can change into LightofHeaven.

I changed your forum name, but an admin will have to register the account and move stuff still.

All done. As always if you find any issues let me know. Found no cosmetics, and if you find any lockettes in your old account just make a request.

-Closed, again.