Mythic Olympics. Need some factions help to build some events

So I had an idea of making a event called Mythic Olympics and thought that I could make factions also be a part if it. So there are 6 events. 2 weeks of continuance events. First week it will be for singles and second week it will be teams. The teams should have 4 players in one team and there must be exactly 4 player in each team. And there should be 4 teams or no Olympics for teams. The factions which is building it should also host it. The events are as follows -

Archery, PvP, Elytra Race, Water Boat Racing, Ice Boats Racing and Relay (Teams) /Swimming (Singles).

Archery is already taken and Elytra Race is in thinking and PvP will be done in PvP FFA. We will take 3 if Elytra Race can’t be done there or 2 factions if it can be done there.

If you are the leader if the faction you can DM me with no problem, but if you are a member or officer, please ask your faction leader.

If you are interested, reply here or DM me with the event you are interested in building and hosting on Discord - DarkBlueMoonXD#0617, or PM me in-game when I am online.

Note: Me, CandiGirl and Althia and ready to build events. The faction that builds the events will be decided after a meeting/chat.

32294 and Hunyo16 are in thinking of build some events and host them. 32294 will tell if she have free time. Hunyo16’s is a different case so I don’t know.

We are still looking 4 more faction for the Olympics. 2 factions are for just in case if the above 2 could host the events sadly.

Note: The PvP event will also be done in the factions. And we added swimming for singles so 4 factions are needed.

Thanks you.

The owner of this event has been banned and due to the circumstances that led up to it, this event is unlikely to happen.