[My Humble Forum Suggestions for post-v2.1]

Description: I have 2 forum-exclusive suggestions to be honest.

1- A rule about “reviving dead topics”, especially in Lounge. I used to rule some few forums about >5 years ago… and join about a handful of tens of them, so I can relate how annoying it can be to control or even get notifs for a topic that was inactive for months or even years.
2- Removal of “links” in description for “topic title”, as this might lead for spams in favour of the people who has the intention of advertising or spam in the future. Just as a precaution maybe ;D

Why: This suggestion of mine is only if/when this server gets more as populated again as old times, so this means dealing with more people. Up to 60 per day, if only 1/5 of the new/daily active people would consider having their mark in forums.
And given forums seem to be rather “dead” than ingame let alone our Discord… people would try to revive dead topics… either to hope to get a reply, or get achievements faster.
Adding some few rules for this would be helpful imo.

How: For #1, just editing the “rules” thread and adding a new rule. Or if deemed as not enough, adding a balanced timer for the auto-closure or topics. (I’d suggest for smt between 3-6 months, but the ultimate decision is yours)
For #2, as the suggestion says.


  • First point: Avoiding possible ways of spam (since we have achievements for message and likes if have met certain conditions).
  • Second point: Avoiding advertisements.
    (p.s.: If not “avoiding”, likely lessening~ since people would eventually stumble upon the rules thread to mark every topic as “read”.)


  • First point: Might not prevent less experienced or even (rare but…) ill-wished people to do as they wish anyway (for #1), unless an automatic topic lock is implemented.
  • Second point: More minor and maybe even “inconvenient” work and rules to remember and peform for staff? For #2, might not even be necessary and just me failing to see the point of having links as the topic headline/title.