My house, all looted

In-game name: Vladutzzzz

What happened: I came back to the server finding most of my chest all empty. I have a storage room, a basement and some random chests and frames thru the house and all of them have been looted, except for my lab (workspace) which still has the items in it.


  • (storage room) -182 95 -1004
  • (basement) -184 92 -1014
  • (chest 1) -178 95 -1013
  • (chest 2) -181 99 -1002
  • (chest 3&shulker) -180 99 -997
  • (frames) -182 103 -1013

Thank you for the help in advance! Really appreciate it.

I fail to see what was taken in any of these areas, in fact I cannot find any logs in the area from anyone but you in the past 30 days. Before that, you were timed out for nearly 500 days, which means anything taken would have been fair gameā€¦ But even then I do not see where anything was taken within that time period either.