My cows are gone

In-game name: AdmiralJames
What happened:all my cows are gone
Coordinates (if applicable):716, 60, -23
Who you suspect and why:no clue
Screenshots and evidence:none

Not seeing anything related to cows here, or to you for that matter. Are you sure you have the right coords?

ill hop on mc and check i could have the wrong cords or maybe they have been gone a long time and i just didnt see till now, (edit) it appears to be right but it is hard to see the last cord because of all the other things that pop up with f3

Found them, they were in -2322 instead of -23.

Pro tip: You can use /coords if you can’t read F3!

It was DarWolfYT who killed them. I’ve rolled them back, and that player will be punished accordingly.

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