My cousin account is locked he needs helps

His ign: rehannsajjed
Reason: well he forgot his password and after many attempts he had his account locked as he lives far form me i cannot help him i told him on discord that what to do but as he is little 9yrs he in unable to understand a single word on forum and now dumb him made a new account even tho i told him 100 times that he makes an request and dont make a new account and now he has a 2nd account idk he figured or watch a yt on how to make a new account on cracked mc and now i have made this request as he doesnt know how to thats why i made a suggestion that ppl who dont understand english well, follow yt vid well so this will help them alot on discord.So now it will be a good idea to reset his password of account named rehannsajjed, delete this new account of him and let him know of his new password of the account named rehannsajjed.Let me know if you have any questions
His Discord : sandydandy#3084
His new account ign : sandydandy

Well would he rather keep the new or old name.

hmm let me ask him

he wants to keep his new name Sandydandy

Moved bal, inventory, enderchest, and /chest to new name, banned old one.

If they had any shops or lockettes, your going to have to post cords to them so they can be removed.

alright thanks

ok can you plz break thse locks at -5063 71 5207 and break those shops at -5063 54 5207
thanks you for your help

Lockettes and shops removed.