MVP subscription perk not working

Today I upgraded my VIP subscription from VIP+ to MVP, I started testing out all my new perks that I had just purchased. Whenever I try to do /lay or /crawl I get a message stating "[GSit] You can’t use this Feature with this Server Version! (V1_16_R3). I’m quite disappointed as it’s not stated on the Mythic store that this command doesn’t work, or doesn’t share a note such as "/rewards (soon).

I do notice whilst searching for references to a broken command that Astelon_ on the 29th March 2022 noticed that the command was broken. But it wasn’t updated on the store page. It definitely needs to be updated on the store page to avoid any other players like myself from being told they’re getting a perk when in reality it’s broken. The MVP subscription is quite lacking currently and a perk like /lay or /crawl being out of action really takes the satisfaction of being MVP.

Steps to reproduce the bug:

  • Step 1: do /lay or /crawl
  • Step 2: press enter?
    Expected results: That I would lay or crawl on the floor.
    Actual results: I receive an error message.
    Which Minecraft server world: Faction

Additional notes: I didn’t really know where to post this as it seems the issue is known about but not being addressed.

Many thanks, JoeyTheGreen.

This was a regression caused because we try to keep plugin versions synchronised across all our servers, and the 1.18 version was also installed on the 1.16 servers due to the plugin advertising support for both versions (and failing to mention that certain functionality will be missing on older Minecraft versions…)

  • The commands should still be working on 1.18 servers.
  • For now, I have downgraded the plugin to a working version on 1.16 servers, so this should be fixed.
  • I have also added /spin perk to MVP on 1.18 servers. The 1.18 update is on the horizon, so it won’t be long until /spin works across the server network.
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