Mostly Music (aka "Songs You Are Currently Obsessed With, v3")

This was a favourite section of mine on a certain forums long ago. So, alongside what will mostly be decades-old gems from me, feel free to share whatever you’ve been really into lately, or whatever you’d like to introduce us to (however remotely related to music it may be). You could even share a musical creation of your own.

I’ll start with this one that seems fitting to this topic.

Or, maybe this one (though yes, there is a studio recording of this, if you look it up), or…nah, I’m pretty deep into an album at present, so I’ll probably keep it general for now…

EDIT: ooh, looks like there isn’t an embed as far as I see, so this could be very interesting…


Even though it’s been about 4 months since the song first came out, I still regularly listen to Scorpion Queen. It is a must listen in my opinion.

Can we also get an F in the chat for Daft Punk splitting up. I know it’s been a month now, but they were honestly my favorite artists to listen to.


A song which symbolises a former power-obsessed half-demon finding out that his human part is important too.

Best of best.
Live performance is better but it might not sound the best (keep in mind that this was taken back in 1996).
Neffex songs are good too. Failure and Destiny are my personal favorites.

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I am back here once again with 2 new songs.

This just appeared on my playlist one day and I haven’t been outside without listening to this song at all.

This one is a classic for me as I have actually played the game before. The OST is amazing.


i have a playlist with this on repeat for 33 hours

I’m bringing this back

Lately it’s all about The Game. (for the metalheads here: Motörhead, for WWE fans: Triple H.)

I am the Pedigree that is approaching, provoking a H in 3

“Omnes spes demortae sunt. Metu neminem, malleus et os.” ~HHH