Mob head ¿lost? On /ah

I Lost my zombified piglin head v1 on /ah trying sell about 170k.

I play usually and never lose It before, when time expire i just Up again and again, but why It Lost now? Idk.
+someone maybe bought It?

  • no, not in my money
    +did you check expired stuff?
  • empty
    +stuffs on /ah expire after 1 day from auction and 7 days to expire, so 8 days in total
    +if it has been more then 8 days, then i guess but not sure
    -I’m sure it hasn’t even been 8 days. I play usually

Thanks for the help

It is probably lost in the expired category since it seems like you forgot to collect it. There is a deadline for full expire after it expires from /ah list in 2 days.

We can still check for the item but if you cannot find it anywhere, what I’ve told above happened I’m pretty sure

Can i get back? Please

Between Feb 20 and 28, you were never active in Factions world. I did my check and since /ah only works in Factions what I’ve checked is pretty enough. Also between Feb 14 and Feb 20, you were never active too. My assumption is, you placed the head to /ah at Feb 14 or Feb 20, and forgot to collect it/was late to collect it when you logged on at Feb 28.

In addition to this, latest date I was able to detect a Zombified Piglin Head in your inventory is Feb 5, 2024. The last day you switched worlds or disconnected with it is Feb 5. Maybe you placed it to a container, maybe you picked it to your inventory and placed again to a container, maybe you did the last thing I told more than once, these are all possibilities. Excluding the possibility of giving it to someone else since you didn’t specify such detail. I cannot know any of these without a detailed search.

All I know is, at the moment you logged off/switched worlds after Feb 5 you didn’t have a zombified piglin head in your inventory. As I said, I cannot know if you had it during some moments which you were online at the Factions world without a detailed search.

Also as a side note, since the head says Zombified Piglin Head, the head is 100% a v2 head. Because during the times when v1 heads were available, mob was still Zombie Pigman, not Zombified Piglin. And it was supposed to be named either Player Head or Zombie Pigman Head. There is no other possibility.

You placed head on /ah at 20-02-2024 18:09:10.
The next time you checked /ah was 02-03-2024 23:44:27.
This is a time difference of: 11 days, 5 hours, 35 minutes, and 47 seconds

Items will stay on /ah for 10 days total from the original posting. After 2 days it is automatically “expired”, where it will remain for it’s last 8 days.

11 days > 10 days, so it expired before the most recent time you checked; therefore, the item is gone now.