Mob Arena v2.1 - Open Beta Novice

Greetings MythicMC!

As some of you may know, Mob Arena has been closed for a while now, but I am finally able to tell you guys what has been happening behind the scenes.

I and a few of the other staff members have been working on revamping Mob Arena to make it better in almost every way imaginable. Mob Arena v2.1! However, there is still a lot of work to be left to be done, and while we cannot release Mob Arenav2.1 in its entirety or give a release date, there is something that I would like everyone to know.

Starting today, September 12th, up until September 27th, we will release an Open Beta for players to try out the new Novice arena! The purpose of this Open Beta is to hear feedback from the community; everyone can post their constructive criticism, suggestions, and bug reports on this page or DM me at Pixel Love#2900. If you manage to finish the Mob Arena during this Open Beta phase, post a screenshot/video so that you may be able to get a special prize.
(Just as a general note, this is the only reward you are able to get. All rewards have been removed for this Open Beta. They will return to once Mob Arena is fully completed.)

Here are the general changes to the Novice Mob Arena:

  • General changes to the arena structure. Less intrusive walls, addition of pistons, and swaped places with old Casual arena.

  • New Special Mob waves. Replaced Zombie Pigmen and Wolves with Shulkers and Skeletons.

  • Blaze projectiles should now work properly.

  • Creepers no longer deal damage to other mobs.

  • Items can no longer be shared in the arena.

  • Supply rounds have been changed to Upgrade rounds. Upgrade rounds are now also class-specific.

  • The arena has been reduced from 100 waves to 50 waves.

  • New Bosses. All abilities are subject to change.

  1. The Donkey has been replaced by Zom-B as the wave 10 boss. (FINALLY)
  2. The Ocelot has been replaced by a Skeleton as the wave 20 boss.
  3. The Polar Bear has been replaced by a Slime as the wave 30 boss.
  4. The Spider will remain as the wave 40 boss.
  5. Nder-Man will serve as the NEW wave 50 boss.
  • In addition, all Bosses will no longer spam chat announcing what abilities they will use next.

  • There are 7 classes instead of 4. All of them have been tweaked and are subject to change.

  1. Mercenary - A returning tank class. Able to tank through damage w/ its diamond armor + shield.
  2. Brawler - A NEW tank class. Able to tank through damage with absorption. Punch your way through enemies.
  3. Blaster - A NEW damage class. Use TNT to blow up your enemies or your fire aspect sword to finish mobs off.
  4. Soldier - A NEW damage class. A high damage warrior with a trusty wolf companion.
  5. Archer - A returning damage class. Use your aim and deadly tipped arrows to snipe down mobs.
  6. Priest - A returning support class. You’re responsible for keeping everyone in your team nice and healthy.
  7. Mage - A NEW support class. Use your potions to outsmart mobs.

In addition, if anyone has any good names for the bosses, then please leave it here as well.

Also, for the time being, I have added a warp that leads straight into mob arena:

/warp mobarena

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Not sure about this one, too difficult when you take off ur armor

archer worst class pls buff

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