Lockette(s) removal (Shop signs)

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In-game name: Dzenan2001
Lockette owner(s) name: AelinAlysius, Iyaki, Market and FrostyBilly_
Location (x y z): -279 72 -1004 (inside building)
Reason: Abandoned shop chests in old b3shop (that building where it is, is to be demolished by me) and players are offline for a long time (AelinAlysius 41 months, Iyaki 10 months, Marketh 47 months and FrostyBilly 16 months).

Note: This is only few pics of the chests, although there are more inside. If you can, just replace the shop signs and add my lockette there ( [Private] Dzenan2001 ), so I can transfer the items with my fac owners for the new b3shop.
And there is no need to remove chests owned by Homen06, Vladutzzzz and OhYeet_ as they notified me about that they will take their chests with items. Thank you.

Done, all of the signs where thrown in a random chest… creating locks on every chest is a lot of work so i’m not going to do it.

Also B3Shop getting a redo after years o-o make sure to tell me when it’s done so i can get it added to the price index…

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