Lockette removal request 1. Loirnek

In-game name: Loirnek
Lockette owner(s) name: SakshamSG200
Location (x y z): 1670 72 7
Reason: Saksham was online but I do not know if he wants to remove his lockettes.
He is still active. He left TeamExtreme(Formerly known as SkyGuardians). We can’t wait or wait for his response(We asked him when he was online.) Since this plot has to go to someone. As an officer, I request you to remove the lockette.

The most I can do since he left your faction within the past 14 days is move the chest while keeping it still locked, then you have to find him.

Ok ty. Please tell me where. Since he left without removing the lockettes. The chest rightfully belongs to the faction.

Tell you where - what? You have to tell me where to move it if you want to, also the chest does not rightfully belong to the faction until 14 days after someone leaves, before then if they ask you must give them their stuff.

Yes. We just want to keep it safe. Please move it to the spawn house. Please come online I shall tell you where to move it.

I cannot come online rn, please give the cords of the spawn house.

1802 69 10

There’s space there so you can bring it there
If there’s no space then you can keep it anywhere else in the spawn house.

Thank you for your time.

Moved. remove 10 character min pls