List of Commands

Table of Contents

{} indicates that the argument is required, while [] indicates that it is optional.


  • /balance, /bal, /money – Shows your current balance. Can also be seen in the tab menu
  • /money pay {player} {amount} – Transfers money to another player
  • /trade {player} – Initiates a trade with a player. Must be within 5 blocks, can be accessed by shift+right-clicking a player
  • /trade {player} [initial amount] – Initiates a trade with a player with a starting amount of money. Must be within 5 blocks.
  • /crazyauctions, /crazyauction, /ah, /ca, /hdv - Open the Auction house
  • /ah, /ca sell {price} {quantity} – Puts whatever item you are holding up for sale on ah
  • /cs toggle – Toggles whether or not you see messages from your chest shops.


  • /spawn – Teleports you to world spawn
  • /hub, /portal – Access world selector menu.
  • /warp pvp – Teleport to PVP arena
  • /warp hub – Teleport to hub world, also has admin-shop and jail.
  • /back, /return, /ereturn, /eback – Teleports you to last location you warped from
  • /tpa {player} – Sends a request to a player to teleport you to them
  • /tpahere {player} – Sends a request to a player to teleport them to you
  • /tpaccept – Accepts latest teleport request
  • /tpdeny – Declines latest teleport request
  • /blocktp – Prevents you receiving tp requests.
  • /warp {warp name} – Teleports you to warp location
  • /warp list – Lists all warps you can use. Add number at the end for more pages (currently 27)
  • /warp info player {player} – Shows the warps of a player.
  • /warp info warp {warp name} – Shows information about the warp including location, direction and type.
  • /warp add {warp name} [Public/Faction/Private] – Creates a warp at current location. Optional select who can use the warp.
  • /warp move {warp name} – Moves warp to current location.
  • /warp remove {warp name} – Deletes selected warp
  • /warp mines – Teleport to mine world
  • /warp faction – Teleport to faction world
  • /warp games – Teleport to games world
  • /warp survival – Teleport to survival world
  • /warp creative – Teleport to creative world


  • /chest – Opens double chest of storage, accessible in all worlds.
  • /ec, /echest, /enderchest, /endersee, /eec, /eenderchest, /eendersee – Opens enderchest.
  • /sh, /shulker – Opens a shulker you are holding. Shift+right click also activates this.
  • /disposal, /trash, /edisposal, /etrash – Opens a chest you can deposit items into. Upon closing, all items inside are permanently deleted.
  • /blocklocker, /bl {line} {value} – Changes the text of selected blocklocker sign


  • /channel, /ch – Opens channel manager. Here you can view and edit joined channels, manage titles and toggle pm blocking
  • /channel, /ch {c} – Sets selected channel as active. Available channels are Local (l), World (w), Global (g), Faction (f), Ally (a), Party (p), Trade (t) and Help (h)
  • /qm {c} {message} – Send a message in channel {c} without changing channel
  • /msg, /m, /pm, /tell {name} {message} – Sends a private message to a player.
  • /r, /reply {message} – Sends a message to the most recent person you messaged or received a message from.
  • /fr, /friend, /friends – Opens friends menu. See friends offline, online, blocked players, pending requests, change friend settings
  • /friend add {name} – Send a player a friend request.
  • /ignore {name} – Ignores player and hides their messages. Repeat to undo.
  • /pmb, /pmblocker {on/off} – Choose whether or not to block private messages
  • /list, /who, /online, /playerlist, /plist, /elist, /ewho, /eonline, /eplayerlist, /eplist – Lists all players in current world
  • /glist – Lists all players in all worlds
  • /seen {player} – Shows information about a player, time joined, last online, banned status.


  • /iinfo, /iteminfo – Displays information about item held including ID, enchantments and repair cost.
  • /ifo colors, /einfo colors, /info colors, /inform colors, /enews colors, /news colors – Gives a list of character formatting codes. Can only be used in pm as VIP and in books with the Β§ symbol.
  • /formula, /method, /recipe, /erecipe, /erecipes, /emethod, /eformula {item} – Shows the crafting recipes for any item
  • /coords, /getloc, /getlocation, /getpos, /whereami, /egetloc, /egetlocation, /egetpos, /ewhereami – Gives current coordinates and facing angle.
  • /list, /who, /online, /playerlist, /plist, /elist, /ewho, /eonline, /eplayerlist, /eplist – Lists all players in current world
  • /glist – Lists all players in all worlds
  • /seen {player} – Shows information about a player such as time joined, last online, banned status.
  • /staffseen {player} - Shows information about a player such as time joined, last online, banned status.
  • /collectibles - View all collectibles available in MythicMC’s mines, as well as some rare ones you might like to see.


  • /register {password} {password} – Creates a username and password to use when joining the server.
  • /login {password} – Logs you into the server.
  • /logout, /telogout – Logs you out of the server
  • /changepassword, /changepw {oldpassword} {newpassword} – Changes password for login.


  • /tf, /tfly, /tempfly – Toggles Temporary creative flight
  • /fi, /fish – Opens fishing menu.
  • /cosmetic, /cosmetics – Opens cosmetic menu
  • /discord – Sends verification link for discord.
  • /phantom status – Show phantom spawning status
  • /phantom on – Enable phantom spawning
  • /phantom off – Disable phantom spawning
  • /phantom toggle – Toggle phantom Spawning


  • /p disband – Disband your party
  • /p leave – Leave your party
  • /p leader {player} – Make a player party leader
  • /p kick {player} – Kick a player from party
  • /p invite {player} – Invite a player to your party
  • /p join {player} – Join a player’s party
  • /p decline {player} – Decline a party invite
  • /p promote {player} – Promote a player in your party
  • /p demote {player} – Demote a player in your party
  • /p list – Show all members of your party
  • /p show – Show the party Sidebar
  • /p hide – Hide the party sidebar


  • /f ho, /f home [name] – Teleports to faction home. Add name to go to other factions

Player Management

  • /f join {faction} – Join a faction
  • /f leave – leave your faction
  • /f invite {player} – Invite a player to your faction
  • /f kick {player} – Kick a player from your faction
  • /f title {player} [title] – Set a player title
  • /f rank set {name} {rank} – Set the rank of a player.
  • /f rank show {player} – Shows the rank and faction of a player
  • /f rank list – Shows available ranks


  • /f h, /f help [page] – Displays help for faction commands
  • /f list [page] – Shows all factions. Displays page 1 by default.
  • /f map [on/off] – Shows a map of claims nearby. Adding [on] will enable dynamic map updated each time you enter a new chunk
  • /f f, /f who, /f show, /f faction [name] – Shows details about a faction including claims, members and date made.
  • /f top {age/members/territory} – View which factions are the oldest, have the most members, and have the most claims.
  • /f sc, /f seechunk – Displays Particles in the corners of current chunk until disabled
  • /f sco, /f seechunkold – Displays glass and glowstone in corners for a few seconds
  • /f tt, /f territorytitles – Displays the name of the faction you’re entering when disabled.


  • /f {claim/unclaim} one – Claim or unclaim a single Chunk
  • /f {claim/unclaim} auto – Claim or unclaim all chunks you enter while this is enabled.
  • /f {claim/unclaim} square [radius] – Claims or unclaims all chunks in a square around you. Radius includes centre chunk meaning claim diameter is 2r-1 chunks. Radius is 1 by default.
  • /f {claim/unclaim} circle [radius] – Claims or unclaims all chunks in a circle around you. Radius includes centre chunk meaning claim diameter is 2r-1 chunks. Radius is 1 by default.
  • /f {claim/unclaim} fill – Claims or unclaims by filling an area.

Faction Management

  • /f sethome – Sets Faction home at current location
  • /f unsethome – Removes faction home
  • /f name {new name} – Change faction name.
  • /f description {description} – Set the faction description, displayed whenever someone enters faction land
  • /f motd [new motd] – Change faction Message of the Day. If no text is added, displays old motd
  • /f create {name} – Create a new faction
  • /f disband – Disband your faction
  • /f vote create {name} {...options} – Create a faction vote for members to vote on with the given options.
  • /f vote remove {name} – Delete a faction vote.
  • /f vote show {name} – See the results of a faction vote.
  • /f vote do {name} {option} – Vote on a faction vote with your choice between the options.
  • /f vote list [page=1] – List all faction votes ongoing in your faction.


  • /f access view - View the factions/ranks/players that can access the chunk you are standing in.
  • /f access inspect {rank/rel/player/faction} [faction] - Check if a particular rank, relation, player or faction has special access in any of the chunks of your faction.
  • /f access {grant/deny} {circle} {radius} {rank/relation/faction/player} – Grant or Deny access in a circle around you. Radius includes centre chunk meaning claim diameter is 2r-1 chunks.
  • /f access {grant/deny} {square} {radius} {rank/relation/faction/player} - Grant or Deny access in a square around you. Radius includes centre chunk meaning claim diameter is 2r-1 chunks.
  • /f access {grant/deny} {fill} {rank/relation/faction/player} - Grant or Deny access in all claims around you. Includes all claimed chunks adjacent to the chunk you are in and all chunks adjacent to them.
  • /f access {grant/deny} {one} {rank/relation/faction/player} – Grant or Deny access to the chunk you are currently in.


  • /f perm list [page] – Lists all permissions available.
  • /f perm show {perm} [faction] – Shows who has a certain permission
  • /f perm view {rank/relation/player/faction} [faction] – Shows what perms a certain group or person has been given
  • /f perm viewall {rank/relation/player/faction} [faction] – Shows all perms a faction holds.
  • /f perm set {perm} {rank/relation/player/faction} {yes/no} [faction] – Sets permission for a given group.


  • /f relation set {faction} {relation} – Set the relationship between factions as Ally, Truce, Neutral or Enemy.
  • /f relation list – Shows all factions that are not Neutral with your faction
  • /f relation wishes – Shows your faction’s relation requests.


  • /f flag list – Show all flags available for the faction
  • /f flag show [1,2] – Show the flags of your faction, add 2 to see second page.
  • /f flag set {flag} {yes/no} – Set a flag. Only flag that can be set by players is β€˜open’


Floor is Lava (FIL)

  • /floor – Open floor is lava menu
  • /floor wager {amount} – add money to the FIL prize pool
  • /floor count – Tells how many players remaining alive in the FIL arena.

Mob Arena

  • /ma list – List available Mob arenas
  • /ma join {arena} – Joins selected mob arena
  • /ma spec {arena} – Spectate selected mob arena
  • /ma leave – Leaves mob arena
  • /ma class {class} – While in mob arena, select any class
  • /ma notready – Shows which players have not indicated they are ready
  • /ma playerlist – Lists players currently active in mob arena


  • /pb join {arena} – Joins an arena.
  • /pb joinrandom – Joins a random arena.
  • /pb leave – Leaves from the arena.
  • /pb shop – Opens the Paintball Shop.
  • /pbspec {arena} – Spectate an arena.
  • /exitpbspec – Exit arena spectate mode.

Murder Mystery

  • /mm join Mansion – Join the murder mystery map mansion
  • /mm leave – Leave Murder Mystery
  • /mm randomjoin – Join a random murder mystery map
  • /mm stats – View your murder mystery stats
  • /mm top {category} – View the top 10 players in various categories


  • /kit start – Gives stone tools and bread. Can be used every 5 minutes.
  • /exit – Returns you to spawn if you don’t move or take damage for 5 seconds



  • /plot claim – claim the plot you are standing on
  • /plot a, /plot auto [length,width] – Claim the nearest plot. Maximum area is 4.
  • /plot del, /plot delete, /plot dispose – Delete the plot you are on.


  • /plot home – Teleport to you plot
  • /plot visit {player} – Visit someone else’s plot
  • /plot k, /plot kick {player} – Kick a player off your plot.
  • /plot middle, /plot center, /plot centre – Teleport to center of the plot.


  • /plot t, /plot trust {player} – Allow a user to build in your plot while you are offline
  • /plot add {player} – Allow a user to build in your plot while you are online
  • /plot deny, /plot ban {player} – Prevent a user from entering your plot
  • /plot remove {player} – Remove a player from your plot.


  • /plot set {criteria} {value} – Set biome, Alias and other criterion. Most not permitted or not functional.
  • /plot clear, /plot reset – Reset plot to default
  • /plot music – Opens music menu to play music on your plot.


  • /plot info – Displays information about a plot.
  • /plot dl, /plot download – Save your plot as a schematic file.
  • /editstick - Get an edit stick to rotate blocks like slabs and stairs.
  • /givebarrier - Get a barrier to use in your buildings.


  • /hs help – Shows all commands for holograms
  • /hs purchase confirm – Buys a hologram for $150000
  • /hs place {name} {text} – Places a hologram at current location called {name} displaying {text}
  • /hs del {name} – Deletes hologram called {name}
  • /hs movehere {name} – Moves {name} to your current position
  • /hs addline {name} {text} – Adds a line to hologram {name} displaying {text}
  • /hs deleteline {name} {line number} – Removes a line from hologram {name}. Line numbers start at 0.
  • /hs insertline {name} {line number} {text} – Inserts a line in {name} at specified {line number} displaying {text}. Line numbers start at 0.

Item Recovery – Pre-1.13 Players

  • /oldec, /oldechest, /recoveroldechest – Recover items from old Enderchest.
  • /oldinv, /oldinventory, /recoveroldinventory – Recovery items from old Inventory.

Thanks to vagga2U for helping compile this long list of commands.