Lexply - xray - Phantom_MC

In-game name: Phantom_MC
Discord ID: Phantom_MC#4952
Ban Reason: ‘xray’
Plead: Innocent
Reason for pleading: False Ban
Sorry for Mining Like Normal And Running Across Stuff.

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I would like to know what you have seen other the my normal way of playing, I’ve been stuck in the mines map for weeks on end and I have noted a lot of stuff while being in the map, and have tooken notes i have seen a pattern in the spawning and I’ve been just mining area that’s been in around that area and always check the castle

Just a fun fact, there’s no pattern.

I’m sorry to say but there is a pattern it dose spawn a lot within the same spot or within in a few blocks I’m not a kid I’m a 46 year old man playing Minecraft I don’t use x-ray

We have been watching you during the past week or so, every time you went to the nether mine, you went to the stairs, you looked around, found no debris underground or on the surface then left to the end mine repeatedly.
But when you found surface debris in the middle of the mine, you left instantly after getting it, didn’t bother mining in the locations where there’s a “pattern” of them spawning, cause there were no visible debris there with xray on, or checking up on the castle.

For whatever reason, you only went in to mine anything in the nether when there’s visible debris underground, only visible with xray, and just so happened to start mining in that area. We don’t believe its “normally mining and running across stuff”, Anyone can “fake” normal mining.

You seem to not only know where they spawn, but also “when” they spawn, which both aren’t possible

We don’t believe the pattern story, and age has nothing to do with this.

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I call it dumb luck I have slow internet and one’s in a while I see the blocks load as I’m looking over the side of the stairs and as there loading I happen to catch a glimpse of a rough location so I mine it that location it’s not x-ray it’s dumb luck if yesterday is in question yesterday was a laggy day when I enter the mine I walk down the stairs and all the blocks where not loaded so I caught a glimpse of a rough location so I mine for it as for the castle that one was dumb luck I was told to always check the castle I do random checks and yesterday was dumb luck I’m not a cheater I don’t try to have a advantage but I have crappy internet and happen to see blocks catching up loading and some time I see a general location of where it is but there is a pattern I’ve seen it likes soul sand and soul soil sometime black stone but yes there is a pattern I’m not using x-ray I have never used it that’s the truth

I did ask ibu if he could reboot mine world because there was little glitchey but he never did

Another fun fact, what you described doesn’t actually happen that way. Blocks don’t just load over time. Chunks do. What you described is basically xray, not slow chunk loading. Not to mention that this is also an exploit, you’re not supposed to be able to see through chunks, obviously, so you just admitted to using an exploit to get debris.

This pattern you described is literally how debris spawns. It can spawn in netherrack, in blackstone, in soulsand and in soul soil, if I recall correctly. This makes up most of the nether mine. Are you saying you’ve been mining most of the nether mine?

May we see the notes you have taken?

I can confirm that blocks do often load in layers; especially using terrible internet; and with bad/mediocre graphics cards and systems that just barely meet the minimum requirements for Minecraft and also systems that don’t… With a Combo of the two you have the most possibility of blocks loading in layers.

Just a Fun Fact that there IS a pattern because there is no such thing in computer code as
‘true random’. i am assuming that the program that regenerates the mine uses something like


which is not actually random as the command may suggest; its actually ‘sudo-random’ Which means YES there is a pattern that always repeats.

Not trying to defend in particular,⠀just correcting your knowledge

my dear boy,

  1. we have played Minecraft too and we can confirm that Minecraft does not load blocks in layers. I have worked with Minecraft’s code myself, and the code builds and renders chunks all at once, not in vertical layers. even if it did, it is still abusing an exploit.

  2. we are not here for fun facts. we are well-versed with PRNG, and there is no pattern in debris generation that any player can figure out (I don’t believe Phantom_MC has “found a pattern” either).

Don’t let me catch you again in the ban appeals section when you are not involved unless you want to be temp-banned. Don’t reply with any more unwanted fun facts or knowledge corrections. I’m only bothering with rebutting your points so this appeal can continue without useless comments and excuses.

As for this appeal:

  • What glitching you experienced was me doing a few WorldEdits that caused some lag. Lag can show the edges of chunks, but even that is very hard to exploit, and especially to be able to find as much ancient debris as you’ve found.

  • FYI the amount of ancient debris you “found” is so absurd that I have a higher chance of becoming the next President of the United States than finding that much debris without cheating. If you want to be unbanned, time to be honest.

Ibu have to say that I’ve been stuck in mines for over a month half in total ever 30min I checked the mine it adds up over that time playing 17 to 18 hours a day in the mines so if I found 3 day in the time that would be 135 pieces if I found 2 a day 90 pieces check the logs when my internet plans runs out I can only play in the mines it’s to slow to go to factions and if I can get to faction I cant do much last month I had a week and a bit in factions then back to mines for the remainder of the month till my internet renews so yes it make sense I have found a lot of surface one and other ones the one that I’m being questioned about having x-ray is say no I have not used x-ray and yes I have seen surface spawns in the same place many times that’s seems to be a pattern I never had a need for x-ray the ones I got are from work that’s how I’m up to 4.3mil and yes the last one I so called used x-ray on I happen to see it when the world was loading and the one on the top of the castle was a bonus finding I always check the castle here and there yes I have a lot but not that much I’ve been working the mine and that’s what I’ve been doing not using x-ray that’s the truth why do I need to use it I have what I have by work

I’ve been considering that pattern you’ve been mentioning, and I decided to test if it actually exists. It shouldn’t, but you never know. I’ve regenned the mine until I’ve gathered 402 debris spawns, which is way way more than you have found, and well, there’s no pattern. There’s no discernible cluster, nothing that would make one person think “debris definitely spawns here more often”. For reference, this is I think twice the amount of debris mined since we added it. So yea, maybe you think you found a pattern, but it’s just you, there really isn’t any.

Also, let me make something clear, because I feel this slipped away. We have proof of you xraying, otherwise you wouldn’t be banned. On top of that, you yourself admitted to using exploits and glitches, including one that behaves just like xray, in order to find debris. You knowing some mythical pattern does not excuse either of these. Me testing for a pattern was just out of curiosity and the outcome means little to the appeal as a whole.

Oh, and another thing, 2 debris a day is still a lot. Sure, you can get lucky, but if you were that lucky, you’d have won the lottery by now. But the funniest part of it is that, you didn’t mine 2 debris a day. I checked how much you mined in the span of 3 days, and it was 14 ancient debris. You say 2 or 3 per day, but it’s actually almost 5.

Follow up to what hunyo described as the glitch you encountered, which is different from what you’ve been explaining. It is still xray. Just because it’s not a mod or resource pack or something external, doesn’t mean it’s not xray. The end result is the same, you can see through blocks. It still doesn’t explain how you were able to use it to see ancient debris, because that kind of glitch still doesn’t reveal blocks like debris. Regardless, you effectively claim to have been using an xray glitch for a long period of time.

Let me make something clear: If you are not going to tell the truth, you will not be unbanned.

If we have to post all the video evidences and statistics and numbers that indicate you are clearly using x-ray, you will be permanently banned.

You’ve been xraying so blatantly, that I don’t feel like giving you a second chance if you’re going to stick to these excuses. We don’t need untruthful people on this server.

I Exploited that’s all I know and I would like to apologize for my actions and exploiting for an unfair advantage I will plead guilty for my actions and I will follow the rules to the letter I would like you to please consider to my appeal and let me back on I’ve met a few good people on the server and I would not like to loose contact with them

@tubarollsshark posting in others’ ban appeals is stricly not allowed unless you’re directly involved with the ban. Also, that sort of toxicity is not accepted here.

It’s been over 4 months since your appeal has been open, and you have changed your story quite a few times. As we already cleaned your debris and you’ve waited long enough, this appeal will be closed and you’ll be unbanned straight away. 50% of your balance has been deducted. If you abuse chunk glitches again don’t even bother appealing - it won’t be considered. This decision was taken by multiple staff members over all these months and it has reached this conclusion.

Unbanned and closed.