Lexply - =wraith403 - xuriver

In-game name: xuriver/furiry
Discord ID: xuriver
Ban Reason: =wraith403
Plead: Innocent
Reason for pleading: I got this new account since i lost access to my email id of the old account. My old username is furiry. When i try to join the server it says : =wraith403.
Apology: Please let me join the server.

Hello, welcome to the ban appeals.

It looks like you’re on an IP that belongs to a banned player. I need to make sure that you’re actually furiry and not wraith403.

You’re saying you made a new in-game account because you forgot your email. Is your account “furiry” a premium account? Does it need an email and password or do you just use titan launcher with a username only? That does not require an email.
You’re also supposed to create a name change request before you can just register a new account.

It is also a premium account. Actually i wanted to change email id of the account “furiry” for security reasons but i forgot its password. So i bought this account.

I will create a name change request.

ok so i recovered the old account and i am trying to log in using that but it still says =wraith403

Try joining now.