Lexply - = __RickGrimes__ - Soulstacks_303

In-game name: Soulstacks
Discord ID: Soulstacks#4034
Ban Reason: = RickGrimes
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading: Misunderstanding
Apology: Greetings, it seems that my brother, aka Rickgrimes, also using the same IP as mine since he comes over to my place to play Minecraft, was banned for fly hacks. And since I’m totally against hacks, considering I’m an old player who’s been loyal to Kenace and Team-Extreme, I have been grateful for the chance to play this server ever since I knew a server like TE has been created. And this goes back to only a week ago when my brother told me about this server. However, He never told me he got banned for hacks until I confronted him with your ban message. Anyways, I plead guilty for my brother’s stupid actions (he’s just a kid) and I definitely am not planning to cheat my way through the game… I just got reunited with my old Minecraft buddy and we are spending some quality time together on Mythic since I’m quarantined for COVID reasons. And once again I promise I won’t be using any hacks whatsoever. I’m just here for the building and reuniting with my friend.
Thanks a lot for your time and Considerations

Bumping my appeal. I hope @Lexply replies soon. I already Miss MythicMc :confused:

Hello Soul

I’ve been checking around for a while now, and I believe you are __rickgrimes__ (and other accounts).

A day after Rick gets banned, you register on Soulstacks_303.

You start using Rick’s base, you found the entrance and knew which direction to go in that 1x1 hole to find it, logs indicate you were never there before Rick was banned.

All account(s) were registered on the same locations. (will get there…)

Your way of sorting your inventories is very similar.

(This is very unrelated to the appeal) You say you’re an old player, yet I and other staff don’t ever recall seeing you before in TE or in Mythic, unless you were using a different name on TE.

So, accounts:
Soulstacks_303, Executionner, Executioner, (banned for having multiple accounts), RedCreeper, _XRaid_, __RickGrimes__ (banned for fly and possible xray) and Survivorista (banned for xray)
accounts first registered back in 2019

You tried to login (on both soul and rick accounts) on Executioner’s banned IP and you were blocked from logging in, so you must’ve known something was up…

I have no intention to hide anything, or lie.
Yes my brother was hacking on your server and no, he didn’t have xray. all he did was fly hacks (at least that’s what he said)
I definitely am not okay with cheating or else i would’nt have tried to appeal. My IP was used for all these accounts, yes, maybe. I recently started playing minecraft a couple of days after my brother told me about the server. as I said, he just introduced me to the server and to his base, showed me the way and where he hid his secret chests AFTER he got banned… we did not play together at that time since he was banned and he didn’t tell me (already told u this). If I have xray or fly wouldn’t you think i would at least have a netherite armor? anyways. im not a cheater and would never go down this way and however my brother screwed up on Mythic, im not responsible for his actions. he got what he deserved. why am I getting punished? I sincerely haven’t broken any law. im playing to hang out with my friend. no intentions to cheat the game or break server rules. I dont mind being monitored all the time since im legit playing fair and square. Please consider my appeal and thanks anyways.

I can’t just take your word, just because your IPs have a history of bypassing and creating a lot of accounts, as listed above.
“im not responsible for his actions… why am I getting punished?” - thing is, I believe that you are Rick.
I need evidence to make sure that you’re in fact not him, not just “its my brother and I would never lie or cheat” many people use this excuse.

You said you’re an old player, do you mind telling me who you were?
Do you have anything you can provide to prove you’re a different person?

My TE name was JoeAMC and my brother’s was _ Assassin _ .
The only evidence i can provide could be our presence at the same time on mythic but I will have to wait till he comes to visit which is gonna be probably monday or tuesday. plus, he cheated on the server and I dont think you would accept his return even if it was for proving my innocence. but hey, at least im ready to prove that we are two different persons. and Oh btw im too freakin old for hacks. do Not take my word but at least consider my actions and how far i’m willing to go to prove that I did NOT cheat in anyway.



Appeal denied.