Lava cauldron looking like water, would like stuff back

What happened: I was admiring TheMinekBolt’s things when I suddenly caught on fire, didn’t know how or why. I use my eyes and find that there are cauldrons filled with “water” in the ground, so what do I do? I dive in headfirst without a thought going through my little head. Now since I was playing in version 1.16.4 the cauldrons on the ground look like they have water in them but noooo that is just the server pasting water a water texture onto the lava tricking minecraft into thinking that its leagal, now back to the point. I burn up die and all my stuff burns, would like stuff back, if not guess i just lost over 40k

When approximately did you die?

In this case i’ll give you stuff back, but if you end up doing the same thing in the future, i won’t replace it next time.

i died at around 9:20pm ACDT in mineks basement

Items restored, try to avoid this happening again.

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