Inventory (/chest bug)

In-game name : FrozenSouls

I need staff assistance as using /chest in mineworld (tree mine) resulted in my /chest inventory being wiped clean. I need help to recover my previous /chest inventory.

Steps to reproduce the bug:

use /chest in TreeMine , I am unsure maybe because it was close to / or in the process or regen-ing the mine, which caused my /chest inv to wipe?

What it looks like right now (empty)

I am not sure why the bug was caused other than maybe server lag from the regen?

Sadly /chest is not logged, so you are SOL on the stuff you had in it.

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Is there really nothing that can be done as for my items? I have a bunch of goodies that took a long time and have lots of sentimental value. I do hope there is some way to recover said items. It was nearly full and I do not have previous screenshots for it.

However, if everything is done in your power to no avail, then I understand if there is nothing that can be done to retrieve it.

Thanks in advance.

We can technically restore backups, but i don’t know if ibu will want to do it because we get charged everytime we restore them

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Okay, I understand the options and I shall await ibu for his reply on this?
Thanks alot 32294, appreciate it.

I will try to give more of what i remember in the contents of my /chest inv and what I have confirmed to have lost.

Multiple shulker boxes of goodies including God tier Silk Touch and Fortune 3 Pickaxe + Shovel + Axes.
2 Mending Books, both more than 1 enchants iirc (Old inventory given back to me by Dave76).
Multiple fishing rods that have random enchants +mending, and bows with mending + random enchants.

Hope this helps.




I will need an exact date and time with timezone so I can pull the backup prior to it

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Thanks ibu, here’s the closest date and time I can provide.

Sep 28 2023, 4:30 PM (GMT+8)


Your /chest has been restored.

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