_Inugami Because Of Cheating

In-game name: WolfTheGreatRTT
Discord ID: wolf77329kd
Ban Reason: Cheating
Plead: Guilty or Innocent
Reason for pleading: Cheating
Apology: Hi my name is WolfTheGreatRTT and I was banned for cheating. It is true that I was cheating and ive realised my mistake because I miss playing with my friend on this server and really wish I could come back. If there is a way to make up for my actions I will gladly do so.

Alright. I’ve given you enough time off (and also partially because I’ve been busy myself, sorry for the delay) that I’ll let you back in now. Hope you won’t be using cheats again, even if just for fun, as they’re against the rules of the server.

Please have a read through the rules: Server and Forums Rules - #3

And you’re set. Welcome back, and apologies again!

  • Closed