In MythicMC some accounts are getting hacked

In-game name: arshgamer
Discord ID: SussYCaT69#4785
Ban Reason: Asking People Pass
Plead: Innocent
Reason for pleading: I met a hacker few days ago his name was Kinda Indian he logged into my account and asked a player his password named-vago.
Apology: I apologize for this. IDK how He hacked my account and i dont give my account pass and mythic mc pass to anyone even my roommate. Please take action about this. My 4 Accounts Got hacked and banned
- arshgamer

Hello, arshgamer.

To start with, I won’t question whether what you’re saying is true or not yet, but do note that we almost never believe “hacker” excuses, so if it was one, I suggest you find something better.

Anyway, let’s start with something that could’ve gotten you banned alone. 4 accounts?
I’ll let you guess by reading this, just, you know, as a test:

Answer what’s wrong with that and I’ll get to your actual ban reason and try “consider” what you’re trying to tell us here.

Handled in separate appeal after quite a few months: I got ban for asking password