Illegal netherite circulating in the economy

In-game name: Electrickery
What happened: Netherite circulating in the economy which were obtained by hacks
Coordinates (if applicable): N/A

Who you suspect and why: So, if we should say at least a few people which are guilty, those are the hackers which used hacks to obtain illegal netherite, right now they are punished, none of them appealed or if they even did appeal their appeals are denied. The hackers I remember were Lord, Min3craft_ and domdom. Might be more but I guess these are all 3. But I am not here to report those players, I am actually here to report the players which bought netherite(s) from them, including me.

Screenshots and evidence: As you already started to understand my points, I am unfortunately not the only one who has those illegal netherite(s). I hope I am not the first one who is reporting as well. And this is not my first report, I already tried my luck for a few times, the last staff I reported was going to try to look into but I guess because of real life busyness, this report has been forgotten, like the previous reports I attempted. I was suggested to use forums on my later reports. I waited for my last report to be resolved so I am here. What I request is, if other people’s won’t be taken away, at least I want mine to be taken away in exchange for the amount I paid for it. The netherite is in my /ec, and bought from Min3craft_ for 120k and kept on enderchest considering the chance that it could be taken away. I suggest the staff to check those hacker netherites, they are worth checking, I am sure that you will see either unfairly high or low priced netherite purchases on logs and I think they are not in little amounts considering 3 hackers did these. Thanks for reading, and I hope my report would be considered this time.


I have gone through some of these myself, and so far there are a few pieces out there in small enough quantities that for now I have decided not to action against most of these, so far they have had a minimum impact on the economy, especially as they kept most of their netherite to themselves instead of selling it (in which case we would definitely have recalled all the netherite, since there was a lot of it which wasn’t sold).

So am I free to keep the netherite which I have in my /ec or not?

Yes, you are free