Illegal Client Mods- Console- FriendMeNot

In-game name: FriendMeNot
Discord ID: FriendMeNot#5811
Ban Reason: Illegal Client Modifications
Plead: Innocent
Reason for pleading: I believe this ban was a mistake
Apology: I believe this ban was a mistake. As far as i am concerned, i was playing fac and then it just banned me for no reason at all. Could someone help pls. I was using a vanilla client, no resourcepacks, nothing. (Note: second ban)
(also i got a discord, and will not be able to talk from before 4:00PM AWST)

Mods i use for Fabric:
-Wurst Hack client(for anarchy servers, used once on mythic and got banned but i appealed and admitted)
Mods i have for Forge:
-brightness toggle
I have only logged in with vanilla client on my new account
I have never used a resourcepack with my new account
i believe this ban was a false positive

(bump, it’s been 24 hrs)
note i’ll only be online on thursday and saturday

(bump, it’s been 24 hrs)

Since no one has commented on this yet, I will.

According to logs when the anti-cheat banned you, you were lagging a bit; however, to my knowledge there only been a few people that were miss banned by it in the past, and their ping was far worse from what the plugin reported. Considering you’ve been banned for hacks one I’m going to have to ask what you were doing at the time the anticheat banned you to get a better idea of what happened exactly.

I don’t exactly remember, but i was in faction, and i was sprint-jumping. i was placing dirt blocks under myself to go faster. i was logged in with a vanilla client at the time, and i believe i did not use any resourcepacks. after i sprint-jumped about 10 blocks, i banned me. also can we talk in discord

If you read the read before posting post you would have had your answer, but no instead you just messaged me.


Also this story doesn’t seem to line up with what the anticheat says. According to it, it banned your for killaura and your attack speed.

Ok. I think i know why it banned me now. Because i have an auto clicker(i never actually use the auto clicker in mythic) and it sometimes is accidentally activated. Because double clicking the middle mouse button is a hotkey, i think it may have activated. i was drag clicking for the blocks, and when i drag click, sometimes it activates the autoclicker because i sometimes hit the middle mouse key. this was completely unintentional.

Unintentional or not it still happened, you should disable the hotkey while on the server (most mice have multiple profiles or your just have a cheap/bad mouse). Also drag clicking is very bad, anticheats will detect a large amount of CPS from it and autoban from it; so, you should avoid long dragging and short dragging over 15-20 CPS or it’ll ban you for it and even then it might still get you.

After looking at the area this occurred in, it appears you killed both a skeleton and zombie before the anticheat banned you. Since your ping was high I’m betting it saw the CPS from the block placement and then bc of your ping the anticheat probably got you on killaura from suddenly killing mobs with the CPS. Wether you hit the autoclicker or not, this is likely what happened.

Anyways since it looks like the anticheat banned you mostly bc of your ping then you’ll be unbanned, I am giving you the benefit of the doubt this time since this happened in factions and not BW this time. But if the anticheat gets you again for any reason again I’m not going to be as likely to believe it was just high ping that caused it according to anticheat logs.

While I am unbanning you, you will not be unbanned immediately, your getting a 10d tempban

3d - messaging me again about bans after I told you not to literally in the last post
7d - having an autoclicker still after the first ban even if you didn’t appear to use it on the server this time (please delete the hotkey)

ok. i will disable the hotkey when i am playing mythic