I won the Mob Head Identification Contest

Good Game to the participants, and Easy Dubs for me :partying_face:

with absurd motivation, frantic researching, and a bit of competetiveness, ive found all of the heads listed in astelon’s head identification contest

id like to get my hands on ravager head, lored with “Homen06 - Winner of the first Mob Head Identification Contest”, so i can scare some noobs with it >:)

below is an image and a link to the spreadsheet i submitted to astelon
the yellow ones were pretty hard, and the blue one was a silly mistake
p.s: can you guys pay the other participants in some way?

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Moved your post to the right category. You’ll be getting a regular ravager head, I’ll consider if to give it lore or not. As for the other participants, I’ll see if I can think of something for the following contests.