I will be better , i wont do mistakes again

In-game name: GAMER284457
Discord ID: 1158797406322831490
Ban Reason: Killing animals again
Plead: Guilty or Innocent , i plead guilty
Reason for pleading: please unban me , i wont do anything bad again
Apology: i will behave , plz unban me please , times have passed , and now i have learned my mistakes , i deeply regret my decisions , all those times i have been banned , ive been stupid and kept carrying on , but now , i have realised what ive been doing is wrong , im sorry if i made any of you mad , or if i annoyed you , im truly very sorry for that , once again … im sorry if i made any of you annoyed or make you mad , i wish to be unbanned , with that said once again… IM SORRY :frowning:

Hello, welcome to the ban appeals.

This isn’t your first ban. You’ve been banned 3 times before.
I can’t just take your word that you won’t break the rules again, which i doubt you even read.
So I’m gonna ask you to go to https://forums.mythicmc.org/t/server-and-forums-rules/ and read the rules then tell me what rules you broke in a reply.
I will remind you if you missed anything.

as far as i know , these are the only rules that i have wanted or unwantedly broken:
ive done some excessive swearing , (not all the time)
i have did stole trident from PHANDUNGEUNE {i think his in_game name}
i have killed animals , i know {but when i came back i didnt know or remember what i had killed when im was trying to log in}
and i have did talked a little about another s…s-eerver

but now i regret doing whatever i did , i will try my best to show you that im changed.

Okay, good. But tell me more about this Trident. How did you steal the trident? Do you remember where you stored it? Does it have a name?

while i was in mine , i dont remember his name , he said it was PHAN’S but i took it from the shulker box , i think i had it , but then in games , somehow i lost it , then got it back by admin , then , i named it THUNDERBOLT! and i dont remember much about what happend while i was playing because its been some time

and i was also evading, but only because i wanted to see what changed , i promise , i didnt do anything bad while i was there , i only just wanted to see everyone else ,

ill try to show u im changed , whatever you say i will gladly try to do without another word ,for my unban

It seems like you got that trident after someone dropped a shulker box. It’s not technically stealing because if an item is dropped it’s fair game to pick it up.

Can you please tell me the names that you used?

Name: AGENT_COMPUTER , A Skin that looks like a man with a computer for a head

You’ve been honest. So I’m willing to give you another chance, but it’s your last so please be careful next time.

Appeal accepted.

Just to be sure; do you want to keep using GAMER284457 or AGENT_COMPUTER? You can only keep one. The account you choose will be unbanned and you’ll be able to join the server again.

iam on side of GAMER284457

You’ve been unbanned. Welcome back.

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