I killed llamma

In-game name: NightLighter423
What happened: I killed GAMER284457’s llama
Coordinates (if applicable): 5397 64 4202
Who you suspect and why: me
Screenshots and evidence:
This is where llama used to be:

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I don’t care , it was on 1 heart anyway , i don’t want you to get banned , bacon is not coming , My old friend owwao is not coming , My great friend Gattttvto was Banned , I don’t want to loose you too , pleaseee :sob::cry::cry::cry:

I got it to one heart before calling u there
I should be punished I killed it

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Nooooo :sob:

You should not be banned , this is my WORD , :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: , idc about llama , you should be here :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Contacted in-game. Restored the llama.

In this server, if you kill something that belongs to other player accidentally, it is best to contact that player that you are sorry. If they are okay with it, no need to report yourself. This is not how it is done.

You can cooperate with them to refund their harm or if it is a “kill”, like this specific case, you can contact to a staff member so we can rollback the animal.

But, it is best to be more careful while swinging that sword around.