I have a new mc account on the same ip

I havent been online in a couple of years and i would like to play again on this server. so could the admins please remove my old account so that i can come back. Thanks very much if you could fix this.

It does seem you have an account registered under the name kenvos

We don’t “remove” accounts, we just ban them to prevent someone from taking someone’s old name. I can ban your old account, but you still wouldn’t be able to register another account because it’ll still show as you having an account on your IP…

I can reset your password for you instead if that’s okay, or if you intend on changing your name I will register you a new acccount manually (please specify the name).

Sure i would like to register this account KEVNOS6975 and i would like to change the password. Btw i cant change accounts becouse i played on cracked minecraft before.

I have renamed your account, reset your password and messaged it to you.