I Got Banned for hacking even tho i didnt

I Got banned for hacking even though I wasn’t. My in-game name is Reuben, and my discord id is Reuben#3682 The reason i got banned for is hacking but i wasnt hacking.
I plead innocent because.
i used the Webber i had to climb up the string then he banned me permanently For hacking.
I am sorry i if made u think i was hacking

Let’s see if I understand:

You were holding a player launcher and managed to jump backwards after falling down to lava in FloorIsLava. Care to explain?

And well, even if you used the webs to jump around (which is impossible by the way, webs make you pass through but very slowly, not jump on top of), that’d be bug exploiting which is still bannable.

So I’ll be expecting a proper explanation on all this.

First i spammed jump to get though the web faster
and the second one i was about to fall into the lava but i used my jump before the block broke to go back on the block before i was about to fall in

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Yet you said you used the webs to climb back up? I want you to explain what you used the webs to your advantage as, because you admitted to doing so in the original post

I had 2 webbers on me so if u break 1 web i jump jump repeadetly and place another webber

plus i had 640fps

I saw you jump up multiple times (and other members did too) as if you had a block you could glitch on to jump higher than possible, and no perk is placeable as a block except for webs. Webs don’t have this behaviour. You also can’t climb on webs. Many things aren’t making sense here.

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When u spam jump u can come up a web more faster plus i was spamming space too fast

You can get out of it, but not climb it at the speed you did, and you weren’t inside webs when doing it, and even if it were client side the client can’t let you jump on webs

U have to spam jump to jump on a cobweb u can jump on it but not far and u have toclick fast not to sink thats how Its spam clicking to jump out of it i learned it in plateou smp

I just tested all of this. The client only allows you to jump through webs when touching the ground, not in the middle of the web, no matter how fast you’re pressing space. So if you’re inside a web, jumping does absolutely nothing.

I have no idea what you’re doing, but if I got this right, you used glitched cobwebs to get your way in FloorIsLava which is obviously exploiting unless they were obviously placed already, which is definitely not the case. Bug exploit is not allowed at all in this server.

Pls unban me i just got a friend D;

I dont got any friends and i just got my first one Pls

I already have a depressing life D:

You may be unbanned if you stick to appealing and getting somewhere with it. But if you keep saying you’re innocent that’s taking you nowhere. Justify your actions according to what I stated above and use it as a foundation on your appeal.

Im sorry i didnt know i exploted a bug im sorry please unban me

I edited my writing because it says i cant reply anymore ^ . I

No, you can read rules here: https://rules.mythicmc.org.

I’m waiting for your justification though. Otherwise you won’t be unbanned.
Explain what I said in my reply above my previous one.

I didnt know i exploited a bug how do i get unbanned?

You respond to this post and explain what you did. Exploiting bugs means you used a bug to your advantage, which is considered cheating.

However, what you say you did is impossible, so I’m not quite sure I trust you.