I got ban for no reason

In-game name: arshgamer
Discord ID: SussYCaT420#4402
Ban Reason: I didnt did anything
Plead: Innocent
Reason for pleading: i opened my mincraft and saw a ban named multiple account but i didnt logged in with FL4MEXYT
Apology: I didnt did anything but a used a double clicking mouse i appologize for that

My friend Named ‘Your Mama’ has did some toxic stuff and he got ban for multiple account and bad name and toxic behavior. Why he got multiple account ban when that was a different account?
I was not involved in that so why did i got ban?

I am waiting

Taking over with Aroxeon’s authorization. I was soft with you the previous appeal, but that will no longer happen as that was clearly pointless.

“Oh, my friend did it, it’s not me, trust me bro” is the most used excuse of all time. Accounts from other people in your IP are to be requested anyway and you did not do it. Quite convenient to have a troll account as your… “friend.”

Too many accounts, toxicity, stuff you’d not want to see in someone with your history. Yeah, I really am not bothering with you. Your attitude doesn’t look like someone who deserves unbanning anyway.

Appeal denied. Bitch around in forums and your forum account will be banned too.