I been banned and i don't know why I am a new player

In-game name: Qlaudius
Discord ID: Amine#5127
Ban Reason: he said DemonGamer should I say welcome
Plead: I am innocent
Reason for pleading: I don’t know
Apology: I gonna say sorry but i swar i don’t do any things

It was hotlava03 who banned me

Hi Qlaudius, your ban was due to the fact that it seemed like you were ban evading DemonGamer509, one of our biggest mass evaders who keep creating new accounts to bypass a ban, but after some deep searching it seemed like a coincidence so I will unban you. I still hold my reservations, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. If it was indeed a coincidence, I’ll apologize for the invonvenience in advance.