I am sorry 😔

In-game name:WRAITH403
Discord ID:Wraith_403
Ban Reason:I accept I used autofishing mod.currently I am not lieing and I know it’s too late,and I have made alot of accounts using reauth mod,not only this but also i changed my ip settings to login in the game to say sorry for this.i used x-ray and autofishing in past as u know,but i didn’t used Wurst,hacked clients,kill aura etc. i am apologizing to all staff to irritate them.i just want one last chance to prove that I am changed and ban me if I cheated again
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading:I am very very sorry for that and I just want to play here with piece without cheating
Apology:i am sorry to irritate to staff

Items which I have used with mending----
I sold 2-3mendings to phantom,one i gifted to bacon for his elytra,2 mendings I used on my armour and only three items-my trident,netherite sword and crossbow is fair(I don’t want these items as probably these would be illegal)
I don’t want my even inventory but one last chance

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