HotLava03 - Toxic behaviour after two verbal warns by staff - Please appeal in forums. - FrostyBilly_

In-game name: FrostyBilly_
Discord ID: FrostyBilly_#3408
Ban Reason: Toxic behaviour after two verbal warns by staff - Please appeal in forums.
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading: I admit my behaviours were excessive and uncalled for.
Broken rule: Avoid excessive swearing and keep the chat civil.
Apology: I apologise for being rude and toxic to other players, especially in global chat at the time. I was caught in the heat of the moment and lost control, leading to my actions, which I acknowledge is wrong. I hope that I can be given a second chance.


Well, I should probably welcome you back after all this time.
Sure took you a while to appeal, but that’s none of my business and shouldn’t affect this for the most part.

Due to how old this situation is (August from last year) I had to dig in and see what exactly you did. And before I got there, I realized how filled your past in the server is, and that’s not in a very good way.

Here are some records of past actions of yours:

  • Used racial slurs (the n-word) multiple times and got temp-banned for 2d;
  • Excessive swearing towards another player (kaka) and got temp-banned for 1d;
  • Toxic behaviour due to external dramas (my first verbal warn);
  • Repeated toxicity even after verbal warn.

Well, as you can see, a permanent ban couldn’t have been avoided here by any means, so I made no mistake here for sure.

Anyway, I see this has been related to PvP drama for the most part, and the previous topic due to external topics that even though they don’t concern anyone here, brought drama into Mythic, which is what the problem is here.

I did warn you, and I was very light (which I see I shouldn’t have been) and explictly told you to take things slowly before rushing into insults, as that takes things nowhere. You did the exact opposite, and every single message in global/ingame-chat from you was aggressive.

Really hope I don’t need to start grabbing evidence and that you make things easier, so I’ll get straight to the point.

Answer the following questions:
Lying reduces your unban chance to nearly 0.

  1. It’s obvious you didn’t want to appeal for all this time, especially the moment after your ban. Explain why and most importantly state what made you change your mind.
  2. Looks like I don’t need to ask you what rules you broke, but this kind of ban calls for a different approach: Explain what exactly you did wrong and how you should have acted.
  3. Would you do it again? Do re-read what I said above, though.

That’s it for now.

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  1. I should say, even though I’ve had bad experiences with the players in Mythic, and did get into fights with them, both inside and outside of the server, I believe that holding grudges is not the best way to deal with this even if I had a reason to justify my actions, and it won’t get me anywhere.
    Besides, Mythic used to be a family to me, even if it has changed throughout the years. I did not appeal for so long because at the time I think it would be best if I cut contact with it completely since, say, even if I appealed and then get back into the server, I’d most probably be permanently banned again a few days later for the same reason. Now, I accepted that it has changed and will change, so I think I’d give it a try returning.
    Also, a certain member of the server changed my mind, I will not explicitly state who they are.

  2. So after looking back through a lot of message logs and personal DMs, I believe that:

  • I brought negativity and drama into Mythic with my toxicity and aggressiveness.
  • I did not listen to your verbal warns and proceeded to act rashly.
  • I should have been more mature and acted sensibly, resolving the matter in a calm way instead of being agressive.
  1. I would not do it again, seeing how it negatively affected the community and also caused troubles that can be avoided should I be more sensible.

I won’t make this long, I think you got the point.
This is really the limit: another act of toxicity will lead to an instant permanent ban with no rights to appeal, absolutely no exceptions.

I’ll be unbanning you now. Not temp-banning as you kind of did that job for me by waiting this long to appeal.